One Plate One Price.


A new model for casual dining. 

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We are looking for Board Members and Investors to join our journey and build a movement with us.


Our growth model assumes two sites in year one, with the ambition to have at least ten sites operating by the end of 2024. Using social replication, we will build a group of restaurants run by Partners who earn ownership over time out of profitable performance. Forget all that you already know about restaurants and allow us to introduce our ideas, ideals, hopes and plans for OPOP - our blueprint for how to run casual dining restaurants, better.


The sharing of food has always played an essential role in the business, social, intellectual and artistic life of a thriving society. Today our access to food that is affordable, healthy and sustainable is often dependent on our social status, our income level, where we live and our education. Food, instead of connecting us, has in so many ways driven us further apart and this pandemic has highlighted and widened existing inequalities in our society.  History has shown us that restaurants and the sharing of food unite communities in times of trauma and can be the greatest of equalisers and we are on a mission to harness the power that food has to connect people through a revolutionary approach to casual dining.


Employment and town centres are reaching a crisis point. With over 1.8m of us eating out on a weekly basis, restaurants, more than many other businesses have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on town centre regeneration, alleviating loneliness, reducing health and employment inequality in our society and creating meaningful employment.



Through limited bureaucracy and a hyper-empowered workforce, OPOP’s evolutionary advantage will be its capacity for change. Our restaurants will operate with the experience and support associated with a large organisation together with the flexibility and adaptability enjoyed by a smaller business. As a Social Enterprise, OPOP is driven by purpose and not profit.



OPOP will operate as a worker’s canteen serving fast, fresh, tasty, healthy, home-style food in a lively atmosphere at an affordable price. In many corners of the world restaurants operate this way; humble eateries, where the locals eat big bowls of affordable and filling food that resembles dishes served to them by their mothers. Whilst British cooking at home has undoubtedly lost its way in recent years, we will build a house recipe book that showcases the flavours enjoyed in the homes of our diverse and culture rich country. Our dishes will be the dishes of ALL our grandmothers, reminiscing about a time when food brought us all together. 

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One Plate One Price.

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