What is OPOP?


A canteen offering all-day dining. Expect quick service, a warm welcome, delicious and nutritious food, cooked on site all at one price for one plate. Our plate price that will be kept as accessible as possible and never be set higher than the recommended Living Wage hourly rate.


OPOP will be there to feed yet not to fatten, to nourish and not seek to entertain. OPOP will be where to go when you have a yearning for food that makes you feel good.


What's on the menu?



Breakfast will be beautiful in its simplicity.


Toast and porridge with toppings and spreads such as spiced apple puree and house-ground peanut butter. By keeping it simple we increase our capacity to serve high volumes of people, creating a hub of activity and connectivity where food and people are centre stage. By charging one price we streamline the experience, widen our appeal and make inclusivity our focus.


Lunch and early supper will be a feast for the senses.


Expect grain bowls, warming ragus, deeply filled pies and freshly baked breads. Our menu will be determined by seasonal availability and our house recipe book will evolve to showcase the cultures and flavours enjoyed in the homes of the people who work with us. With our ambition to build a diverse workforce we can offer a menu that champions the rich food heritage of our country. All meals will be offered at a one price for one plate basis and in order to keep this as price accessible as possible, our dishes will be mostly created using plants and grains.

Where is OPOP?

Find us in town centres, at the heart of the community. We are actively searching for sites that could incorporate our hospitality training school and a large first restaurant. We are searching for these sites in towns that attract a culturally diverse footfall, potentially tourist hot spots. To address our core purpose of driving change to health and employment inequality, we will focus on achieving a balance with sites that serve towns and cities with employment and obesity numbers at both ends of the spectrum. 


Who is OPOP for?

Accessible pricing and physical access will be fundamental to each of our sites. With a menu that is predominantly plant-based with a focus on nutritious and delicious we expect to be most attractive to Millenials who are known to eat out more than any previous generation. Core to our offer will be our focus on families, sustainability and healthy indulging. Each of these were noted as key food trends for 2020.

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A bit more about our how...

We seek Win-Win

OPOP sites will be led by our Partners, empowered with the autonomy to run their restaurants in the way that is right for their community. In seeking to drive down inequality, we will reward our Partners with shared ownership of their site, earned through ‘banking’ equity as part of an annual bonus scheme.


Partners will be held accountable to our Values Framework and be supported by Back Office services; accountancy, distribution network, training school and a digital communication platform.


Through the creation of partnerships where each is genuinely invested in the others’ success, we will build a business driven by win-win outcomes.


Forget summer job, think career


Our restaurants can only ever be as good as the people who run them. Bad practises in the casual dining sector such as zero hours, split-shifts and salaries topped up by tips are dated and contribute towards inequality in our society. In creating careers that are desirable, well-paid and respected, we can change the narrative from ‘I fell into it’ to ‘I fell in love with it’. Instead of a meagre pool of applicants for every role, we want our jobs to be sought-after so that we can offer employment to those who share our love for hospitality and desire to be part of an organisation that is values-led.

Conflict breeds catastrophe


Our in-house training school will deliver regular workshops on handling conflict and the value that mutual trust can bring to your work. Our digital communication platform will encourage transparency and shared ideas between colleagues and between sites. A hyper-empowered workforce will enable us to harness the creativity and initiative of the people at the customer facing end of our business so that we can develop company policy from the ideas, knowledge and experience of our people.

Coming together

As a Social Enterprise we will reinvest the majority of our profits into keeping our prices accessible, paying our suppliers fairly and being exemplary employers. We see this as the surest way to deliver a restaurant that meets the needs of all its stakeholders and ultimately plays a part in driving down inequality in our society.